Winter Wonderland


Sunday, November 21st at 1pm
2616 Bridge Street, Bespoke Blossoms

Tuesday, November 23rd at 6:30pm

2616 Bridge Street, Bespoke Blossoms

Let me guide you through stacking, and icing, and 6" holiday spice cake.
Ask questions, get to the nitty gritty.
Small class size = loads of one-on-one time!

We will be using buttercream and scratch baked cakes + cookies.
Only the best for you, my friends.

We will use royal icing to decorate a few gingerbread house cookies, and then use them as decoration on our cakes!
Bring the extra home for family, or hoard them in your car like I do.

Everything you need is included.
Bring an apron if you're messy like me.

You'll leave with a 6" Holiday Spice Cake adorned with the best tasting Gingerbread you've ever tasted.