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Cake Care

The safest place for your cake is on the floor of the passenger seat, or the floor of the backseat. These areas are flat, with minimal room for the cake box to slide around. Avoid putting your cake in the trunk, on a car seat, or on someones lap.

As we strive to ensure your cake reaches its destination without fault, ensure your car is cool, or has air conditioning to prevent the buttercream from softening. As the buttercream softens you will have more chance of the cake slipping and sliding as you turn or go over bumps. 

Drive carefully. Yes, drive like it's the first time driving with a newborn in your car. Take corners slow, do not risk racing a yellow light, avoid roads with speed bumps or large hills.

Please note that once a cake leaves our hands, we are no longer responsible for any faults that may occur during transportation or set-up.

Our cakes are best enjoyed at room temperature. If you are enjoying your cake the same day as pick-up, please keep your cake in a cool area until serving (basement, laundry room, air conditioned house). If you choose to refrigerate your cake, remove it from the fridge ~2 hours prior to serving to ensure the buttercream can come to a smooth and silky consistency prior to perving.

Remove all decorations (flowers, cake toppers, etc) prior to serving.

Cupcakes are made fresh each morning, and should be enjoyed on the day of the event. Do not refrigerate cupcakes- this will result in hard buttercream and cake. Cupcakes are best stored at room temperature, for no longer than 6 hours prior to consumption. 
If you wish to keep cupcakes for longer, wrap the bakery box in plastic wrap, or move cupcakes to an airtight container. 

Homestyle cookies can be kept on the counter for up to a week; and can be frozen for up to three months. 
Individually heat sealed sugar cookies can be kept at room temperature for up to 10 days, and frozen up to three months.

We work with a variety of allergens in the kitchen. While we arrive to keep ingredients separate, we are not able to guarantee that our products are allergen free.

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