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It’s so much more than cake.


Taryn is a self taught cake designer who has been commissioned to make cakes & dessert for Olympic Medalists, NHL Players, non-profit events, and many collaborative publications. Her passion for creating bespoke buttercream cakes shines as every cake becomes a centerpiece for the event.


As Taryn takes a holistic approach to creating cakes & desserts, her offerings may change with the seasons. Her schedule is largely centered around creating Wedding Cakes; however the winter months bring her coveted Holiday Cookies, and the spring brings an abundance of celebratory Showers and Birthdays.


“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

-Julia Child


Wedding cakes are created to compliment the entirety of the client’s special day. Taryn strives to design each wedding cake with the wedding theme, color palette, and assorted decor, tied into her creative display. She pulls from her wealth of knowledge to incorporate elements of stenciling, embossing, hand painting, and various piping techniques, to seamlessly integrate your wedding cake into a delicious decor piece for your guests to admire before diving in.


Taryn is fiercely passionate about creating cakes that not only look amazing, but will remain in your guests memories for years to come. A cake of this stature is not something that should be eaten and forgotten about. Taryn has spent over a decade perfecting her cake and filling recipes; with her personal favorite being the Earl Grey, for its velvety texture, berry bursts, and lavender aroma. Her standards are impeccably high for every item leaving her kitchen, and her clients will easily attest to this statement.

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