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Wedding Cakes

Booking a wedding cake is so much more than your average celebration cake request. We will likely be in contact for a year+; we work through design ideas, sizing, flavor pairing, cake styling, and other vendor involvement. When you reserve a wedding cake you are commissioning a piece of edible art to enhance your reception décor and to serve your guests the most memorable dessert.

The Process

Step One

To ensure our availability, send in an email inquiry with your wedding date, location, expected guest count, budget, inspiration images, and a description of your ideal wedding desserts. The more information you can provide, the smoother the booking process!


If we are available for your date, we will use this information to provide a rough quote for your request. 

Email Taryn

Step Two

After receiving the quote you can choose to reserve your date by paying a non-refundable retainer fee. Your vision may change over the course of your planning process, as may your expected guest list, for this reason we wait until a few months prior to the wedding for final confirmation of cake flavour, size, and design.


Now we break while you focus your efforts on planning your perfect day.


Step Three

We will reach out to confirm your cake request, and provide a final quote, a few months prior to your big day. At this time we can adjust shapes, sizes, flavours, and discuss additional touches such as fresh florals, edible gold detailing, cake set-up, delivery timeline, etc.

Step Four

Now that your cake order is finalized, we will liaise with your wedding planner and decorator to ensure a seamless delivery and set-up. We will discuss details such as floral timing, weather limitations, and how the cake will be styled at the venue. Remember, you are spending good money on a bespoke cake- it not only tastes amazing, but is a part of your reception decor. We want your cake to become a focal point of your reception space.

Pricing & Portions

Your wedding cake is made uniquely for you; it is an expression of your character, your interests, and your love. For this reason, no two cakes are ever the same in aesthetic or price. While we have a basic guide for pricing, your final quote will reflect exact costs which will include planning, correspondence, labour, ingredients and delivery. Your investment is more than "just a cake."

There is a minimum spend amount to reflect the day and time of year; this will be stated in your Agreement. If you are unsure if you meet our minimum, please get in touch with Taryn.

As a rule of thumb, you can order up to ~10% less cake than your number of guests. The cake is traditionally cut and served later in the evening, some guests may have already departed, while others may have dietary restrictions or choose not to partake.

Cake Size Guide


"As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful what we buy."

-Emma Watson

Your cake shouldn't just look exquisite, it should taste remarkable. With over a decade spent perfecting her recipes, Taryn has curated an ideal menu of intentional flavour combinations sure to impress even your toughest critic. 

From house-made salted caramel and silky swiss meringue buttercream, to fall inspired autumn spiced cake and zippy blueberry sweet cream, all components of your cake are hand crafted in small batches.


Taryn's dedication to sourcing local ingredients is astounding; see below for a few of her favourite local suppliers:

  • Silk Road Tea, located in Victoria's historic Chinatown

  • Vanillablossom Extract & Paste, located in Saanichton

  • Raspberries, from mom's garden in Parksville

Flavour Menu

Bridal Tastings

Bridal tasting boxes are generally scheduled in October, February, and May. They will not be offered outside of their set schedule, which is determined based on business levels to ensure the highest level of attention goes into every order.

Bridal tasting boxes are not necessary to booking a wedding cake, this is simply a fun activity added to your planning process. This is an optional purchase (price will range from $50-$75) for you to partake as part of the traditional wedding checklist. 

Every tasting is different, however they are all for local Victoria pick-up/delivery. Tasting dates are announced on social media 4-6 weeks in advance; please keep an eye on our social media posts for this information.

Service & Delivery

Delivery is required for all wedding cake orders. Delivery begins at $100, with the price increasing based on time required onsite and mileage.

Transporting a tiered wedding cake is not for the faint of heart. Slip ups happen, and we don't want them to happen on your wedding day. 

Our cakes all have internal structure, but that's no match for the hot summer sun. Please ensure there is a safe space at your venue for the cake to be kept for the afternoon. We generally deliver no later than 3pm; your cake should be placed out on display shortly before your guests walk in to the reception.

Remember, all our cakes are made with real butter; as butter hardens in the fridge, so does the cake! You'll want your cake to come to room temperature before serving, the timing of this depends on the heat of the day, but is usually ~4 hours,

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