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Why do wedding cakes cost more?

-> When I say the word “wedding,” everything costs more!

-> Yes. As a matter of fact it does! This isn’t always the case, but for majority of wedding vendors, yes, wedding offerings do cost more.

-> But why? All I want is a cake?!

-> Yes, you want cake. If you wanted “just a cake” you’d walk into a bakery and buy a cake from the shelf.

You do not want “just a cake.” You want THE cake. You want specific flavours, specific designs, specific colour of flowers. You might want a cake stand, you need delivery, you need set-up, and most of all, you need a person to discuss all these details with for months (or years) leading up to the wedding.

You want a drool-worthy, photographic stunner, cake smooshing, smile-inducing, talk about it for years afterwards cake. This is where bespoke cake artists come into play. We take the time to email back and forth twenty-seven times, we may correspond directly with your venue or event planner, we may need to go pick-up cake flowers from your specific florist, or hunt down the very particular shade of purple rose you “need” to have on your cake. None of this happens with “just a cake.”

Bespoke cake artists do what they do because they love it. Sometimes they hate it when they are mid-wedding season, sleep deprived, forget to add the baking powder, or when the buttercream just won’t smooth the way they want it to go, or when their buttercream dams break and ooey gooey caramel starts running down the side of their crumb coated beauty.

We are happy to work with you to make your dreams come true, we want you to have THE perfect day. We want your guests to eat THE perfect flavour of cake so that when they have that same cake flavour many years down the road they will fondly remember your big day and how fantastic the chocolate cake was on that night.

This. These reasons are all why many wedding offerings cost more.

You could just buy a $50 cutting cake from an off-hand bakery; OR, or… just hear me out. Or you could have a super wonderful human work with you to create the vision you want to see, the ideal cake design, and flavour, that you can picture sitting pretty on its cake stand during your wedding reception.

So yes, your wedding cake may cost more, but it’s not just about the cake. It’s the time to correspond, the time to trek to the florist, the time to call the venue to arrange a delivery time…

It’s a whole lot more than “just a cake.” If cake artists clocked their time, and charged hourly like a lawyer or accountant… you’d be paying a whole lot more than we charge. So realistically, you’re getting a deal. A really really great deal.

Quick Overview:

Celebration Cake Order:

  • Request is sent in

  • We respond

  • Order is confirmed, invoice sent

  • Cake made

  • Cake picked up

Wedding Cake Order:

  • Request sent in

  • We respond with questions to ensure we are available, and the correct fit

  • You reply with details and inspiration images

  • We provide a variety of price options for different sizes and designs

  • You ask questions regarding everything

  • We reply

  • You ask more questions

  • We reply

  • …..this step can go on for a while.

  • …..while we try to keep this to a minimum there are many brides with planning anxiety and micromanage every detail down to the exact height, placement of flowers, and size of spatula used to create your designs (no, I’m not kidding).

  • Order is confirmed

  • Retainer invoice and Contract is created and sent

  • You sign/pay and return

  • We email a confirmation

  • We touch base a few months before to confirm details

  • You reply with details and questions

  • We respond

  • Final invoice is created and sent

  • You pay

  • Confirmation email is sent with final detail confirmation

  • Cake is made

  • Cake is delivered

  • Cake/dessert table is set-up on-sight while corresponding with florist and planning team

  • We clean up


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