Updated: May 11, 2021

Welcome CBT family!

I miss you! I miss seeing your faces at our regular pop-up events, I miss delivering sweets to your weddings and celebrations, and more than anything…. I miss leading you through all of our coveted Cake, Cupcake, and Cookie workshops! How much fun were those?!

You’re seeing lots of BIG changes from my little baking company this year! I have taken the huge leap to become a virtual presence, in order to better serve YOU!

I will be uploading regular blog posts to help you BUILD your baking empire, and to help you CREATE in the best way possible! From recipes and ingredient hacks, to YouTube tutorials, fun outtakes, wine tasting, and #yyjfoodie adventures… we are all in for a bumpy new path as I navigate my way into the world of online teaching. Those of you who know me, know I tend learn the hard way (who doesn’t?!), and am eager to share my journey with you so you don’t end up wasting $150 worth of buttercream or 17 batches of cake because you forgot to put in the baking powder…

Let me help you become your best baker self!

…. there will also be a good smattering of food and wine related blog posts and YouTube tastings, because the #foodie/#winenerd in me can’t help but share all my passions in one space.