Meet my furry sidekick, Ryder!

I can’t help but offer a brief introduction to this stud-muffin of a doggo, because you will be seeing lots of him in our personal posts.

Ryder is a five year old border collie. For those crazy dog nerds- his momma is a smooth coat, black and white collie, and his dad is a rough, red merle, cattle herding collie. Ryder is a nutty mix of smooth, rough, long, and short, fur, is mostly white, black, and grey, but shows a little brown in the right light. He gets mistaken for an Australian shepherd more often than not, but his lanky body and snout are a good telltale otherwise!

Ryder’s favorite pastime is playing frisbee in the field, playing ball in the house, or eating whatever treats mom passes to him. He is a smarty pants, and catches on to new commands and tricks far quicker than I anticipate.

Ryder has been asked to be a part of many locally filmed dog productions, but as of yet hasn’t made the jump to doggo stardom. Maybe one day, when mom has time, we will make him a big star!