Learning the LUNA play

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

As most of you know, I work at a spa on the weekends- one of my many many jobs! I love working in the spa industry, and have happily been doing so for the past nine years. Today I received a training course on FOREO. Have you heard of them yet? FOREO means, “For Everyone.”

FOREO Devices

This company makes skin and oral care products that are medical grade silicone, and using a T-Sonic pulsation, provide a deep clean to both face and teeth. I was lucky enough to take home a LUNA play, which is a travel-sized facial cleaner that lasts up to one hundred uses. Most of FOREO’s other products are rechargeable, by way of USB, however this is a trial sized item that can be repurposed to a lip exfoliator, or brush cleaner, when it’s battery life ends. At an enticing price point of $49, this will make a fantastic stocking stuffer! Not to mention the 2-year limited warranty, and the 10-year quality guarantee.

Tonight I used it to cleanse my face. I removed my eye make-up, dampened my face with a washcloth, put two pumps of Kirsten Florian Cleansing Gel (https://www.kerstinflorian.com/rejuvenating-cleansing-gel) on the LUNA play, and worked my way around my face. It felt great! Very relaxing and smooth… I used a washcloth to remove the cleanser, and then washed the LUNA play with soap and water. I then used Silk Road Nourishing Dew (http://silkroadteastore.com/shop/moisturiser-nourishing-dew/dp/4960) as a moisturizer, and used the LUNA play around my face to help “drive” the oil in. Seriously though, my skin feels amazing!

Their products look a little like novelty, adult, play toys… They are bright, colorful, vibrating, and waterproof. Don’t let this deter you- let it reel you in! Their toothbrush line really pushes the boundaries of similarities between the adult novelty toys. but are really neat! They come in a range of awesome colors, sizes, and strengths, and have a 365 day battery life after one charge! Yeah, you read that right. No more cords and ugly toothbrushes on our bathroom counters!

Full disclosure, I generally use a Clarisonic, and I LOVE my Clarisonic. This was a lovely novelty, that will be well used for the duration of it’s charge, but I can’t see myself purchasing their larger, most popular item, the LUNA mini 2 as of yet. Who knows, by the time I wear the life out of this play, I may be ready to add a LUNA mini 2 to my daily routine!

**UPDATE** After including the LUNA play into my weekly skin care routine for the past few weeks, I am sold! I can’t wait to buy a LUNA mini 2! Years of using a Clarisonic seven days a week, and I didn’t realize how much of a break my skin needed until I gave it one. Seriously folks, STOCKING STUFFERS! ...I may have also ordered a toothbrush. I'll let you know how that goes!

Check out their full collection of items here- https://www.foreo.com

Follow this link to book a spa facial that uses FOREO for product application and facial massage- https://www.fairmont.com/empress-victoria/willow-stream/visiting-the-spa/

You can purchase your own FOREO at the Willow Stream Spa too!

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