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Custom Cakes

As an award-winning artisan bakery, we pride ourselves on creating distinct designs that create meaningful memories years into the future.


All our cakes are scratch-made, using milk, eggs, butter, and sugar. No preservatives here.

As butter hardens in the fridge, so do our cakes containing it! All cakes are best served room temperature; so be sure to remove them from the fridge a few hours prior to serving. Or you can enjoy it firm, straight from the fridge-> this is my personal favorite!


We do not offer vegan or gluten free at this time.


We are a buttercream primary bakery, using fondant & sugar art to help create our designs. We are known for our elegant textured buttercream designs, especially those adorned with fresh flowers and edible gold.


We do not offer full fondant covered cakes.

Custom cakes begin at $175 and increase in price based on size, flavour, and complexity of requested design. If your cake looks like it takes loads of time to decorate, it generally will, and this will cause your price to increase. 


6" Round
serves 10-16

8" Round
serves 24-32

10" Round
serves 32-38

4"/6" Round Tiers
serves 20-24

6"/8" Round Tiers
serves 34-42


Single tier cake, 16+ servings: $175+

Two tier cake, 40+ servings: $325+

Three tier cake, 75+ servings: $715+

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