Our Response to COVID-19

Hi friends,

This is an unprecedented time for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic is weighing heavily on everyone in different ways, with no end in site. Many small businesses are closing their doors for good, while others are able to pause services temporarily throughout these challenging times. I am extremely lucky to have Cake by Taryn as my side-gig, and am not in the extreme distress that many of my colleagues in the event and tourism industry are. Yes, this will hit my business very hard, in many ways:

  • Ingredient availability & pricing

  • Commercial kitchen availability

  • Order capacity

My main goal is to ensure I can continue to make our insurance, licensing, and kitchen, monthly bills. To do this, I will be pivoting my business to become more online and delivery based. We will be offering seasonal features, with all ordering to take place on our website. 

I will do everything I can to assist clients in postponing their events from this year, to next. Cake by Taryn will be offering everything that is financially feasible for the company, to ease any financial burdens put upon our clients at this time. 

I urge everyone to keep supporting small businesses where you feel it is safe and financially feasible to do so. Many of these small businesses are ones you will want still standing when this pandemic ends. 

Stay safe & healthy my friends, 


While this is a huge learning curve for all of us, we wish you and your families safe choices and good health!